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The Intermodal Container Terminal's (iNTERCoTer) are logistic service that the operation is the development of domestic sustainable manner and economically strong regions with many transport-related activities for the shipping arrangements. For all kind of containers by most members the entire process between shipper and seaport intermodal and/or synchromodaal offered and organized.



Intermodal Container Terminal's (iNTERCoTer) partner for your transport.

  • We value durability and transport by Intermodal way’s is the most eco-friendly type of transport;
  • Shipment of containers by intermodal facilities guarantees a reliable planning and implementation of your logistics and a safe transport of your cargo;
  • Possibility of stripping and stuffing of containers and storage of freight in our warehouse;
  • Due to storage of containers or freight close to the end location, clients have an extra stock available which we can deliver just-in-time.


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We are open to discuss your logistic processes to provide you with a tailor-made advise and, together, come to the perfect solution.

    Address: Balkan feeder - Port of Igoumenitsa

    E-mail: info [at]

    Phone: (+30) 6973058917 - 6980105681

    Working Hours:
          Monday-Friday: 5.00 to 21.00 hr (CET)
          Saturday: 5.00 to 21.00 hr (CET)
          Sunday: Closed